4 young people on a mission to make their dream a reality. 🙌🏻

Over the past few months we’ve seen and spoken with some incredibly motivated and passionate young people. Each one on a mission to make their dreams a reality and to change the world for others in the process! So we thought we’d feature 4 of them.... 1. A world away! Often people like to take on a challenge to raise money for charity. That’s exactly what Ed has done! In March 2018 he and a group of friends set off from England on a charity cycle ride to Australia, for the Trinity Homeless Projects. ‘Ed, Ryan and Tom will endure 10,000+ miles of willpower and determination with hopes of raising £10,000 for charity’ [1].

Homelessness in the UK is a growing issue for many of children, young people and adults. Just ‘Last year, around 4,800 people were estimated to be sleeping rough in England. This is 15% higher than in 2016, and more than double the estimate of 1,800 for 2010’ [2]. Fundraising efforts like Ed’s, can make a world of difference to large and small charities, NGO’s (non governmental Organisations) and not for profits alike. Continuous pledge's made each and every day, can and truly do matter so please consider sponsoring Ed and the team today! His donation can be found in the links, at the end of this blog!

(IMAGE ABOVE) Goodbye Turkey Day 106 - Taken From Instagram - Photo Credit @hackisoutthere


2. A chance to give.

Hannah, 22 a university graduate from Middlesbrough, is just one of the many young who have been inspired to set up a charity- and combat social issues and inequalities in health. After Hannah met George a young cancer patient and friend she began working on Butterfly Giving, a charity on a mission to help young people affected by cancer in the UK. On its website it simply states... ‘that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon half-way around the world' [3]. Motivated by George’s positive attitude throughout his treatment and leg amputation, Hannah now aims to deliver a number of health & social care support services for cancer patients... 1) ‘The first is to be able to afford and maintain a holiday retreat for young people with cancer. Many people with cancer cannot get insurance to go abroad on holiday and this is no different for teenagers with cancer. A fluctuating condition and a potential requirement for treatment whilst abroad often make family holidays a no go for young people with cancer.’

2) Hannah & Butterfly Giving hope to also deliver ‘Boobs&Boxers’ a youth-led initiative to dispel the taboo of cancers such as breast and testicular. We want young people to know it’s okay to talk about this and the more it is openly talked about, the more awareness can be raised. Testicular cancer is often treated very easily and with great success, if caught early enough. We aim to teach teenagers how to self check and when and how to approach somebody if they think something’s not quite right.

3) lastly ‘Hannah and a couple of friends decided to put together a ‘favourite things (and essentials)’ hamper. This was a little gift to try to make treatment that little bit more bearable. We are proud to announce that the cancer has hopefully gone for good! …But the project is here to stay ' '[3].

To learn more about Hannah- visit: http://www.butterflygiving.org.uk/what-we-do/


3. Forever a STAR Founded by Jessica, Share A Star is a charity that works to support young people under the age of 21, living with chronic health conditions in the UK. Share A Star aims ‘to send a positive message of hope and to make each youngster feel special by creating a special holding star. Each star is handmade and completely unique, featuring the youngster’s favourite things. We also write unique poems to each one of our Stars' [4].

Jessica who lives with a chronic health condition herself has run a number of campaigns & services including Oakley’s Outings, Superstar Surprise and Forever a Star. If you know a young person who may benefit from Share A Star you can refer them online, via the link below: http://shareastar.org/refer-a-star-to-us


4. Don’t forget the parents.

We also want to mention the amazing work done by Kate a disability campaigner and the founder of Project Parent. A voluntary led service that aims ‘to provide gift boxes to the parents of children who are in hospital over Christmas’ [5]. The service currently works with hospitals in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, and London. If that wasn’t enough Project Parent also provides gift boxes to parents who are looking after chronically ill children throughout the year! ‘After suffering numerous chronic health conditions including ME and countless periods of time in hospital Kate ‘realised there was a lack of support for the parents of children who were in hospital - particularly at Christmas. She soon found out that come Christmas time there were lots of donations for presents and visits for the children, but their mums and dads, who often are their primary carers, were left with nothing. The children were often too poorly to go out Christmas shopping for their family, and during the difficult time of having a child in hospital, were often forgotten about. But, when Project Parent was found, that soon changed. Kate received a £300 grant from 'O2ThinkBig' to set up her idea early in 2014. She'd heard about the project from a friend and applied for funding. After the success of the grant, Kate received training and support in how to manage and use her grant wisely. She soon decided she wanted to support her local hospital in Newcastle - The Great North Children's Hospital. With the help of volunteers and kind donations, she managed to make up 30 gift bags and left them with the nurses in the run to Christmas’ [5].

To follow Kate and her journey visit: https://www.projectparentgb.com/kate-s-story

take from: https://www.projectparentgb.com/first-project-parent-boxes-handed-over

(ABOVE IMAGE) Kate hands over 2014 boxes Taken from : https://www.projectparentgb.com/first-project-parent-boxes-handed-over


[1] Cycling From England to Australia | https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/englandtoaustraliabybike

[2] Homelessness in England | https://fullfact.org/economy/homelessness-England/

[3] Butterfly Giving | http://www.butterflygiving.org.uk/

[4] Share A Star | http://shareastar.org/

[5] Project Parent | https://www.projectparentgb.com/

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