Story of the week - Be the Magic

Each week we hope to feature the story of a young person who has shown incredible determination and passion to help others in their community.

Our first feature is #BeTheMagic this is a not for profit organisation, set up by Ellie - an active fundraiser and supporter of local charities. Ellie aged 14 thought of the idea and with the help of her parents set up #BeTheMagic with focus on young people and them 'becoming the magic' in other young people's lives.

On her website Ellie writes...

" We want to help you "Be The Magic" and share your story as part of one overarching community to spread the word about all the great things we do for other children. ​

As kids, we have the ability to do so much and make such a great difference to many who need help and support. We can do anything! Yes we can and I want to be at the forefront of showing you it is possible if you put your mind to it, no matter what struggles we may have ourselves as kids from time to time. ​

We will run events and support the promotion of good deeds that help children.

Starting in Dorset but then looking farther afield over time with your support. ​

We may "Be The Magic" at the start and we will work on some example initiatives ourselves but we want you to "Be The Magic" too.

Together we can achieve so much and as one, share our stories. I want to make that happen and I want to lead the way with my first event to show you what can be achieved. ​

Put your mind to something and tell us about it. You can do things on your own or we can work with you to make it happen as we evolve. ​

I can set a few benchmarks of how to "Be The Magic" but there are no limits to what you can achieve. Whether it is a major event to benefit a charity connected to a child or children or if you just want to send someone horse-riding who you know who may be losing their sight. Big or small, you can "Be The Magic" too. ​

As we evolve, "Be The Magic" will also raise funds to support you to achieve your objective to help others as well. We hope to be able to deliver a lot of Magic over time.

Anyone can "Be The Magic" and we welcome interest from corporate donors and sponsors who may also want to get involved. Please do get in contact with me if you would like to get involved."

To follow Ellie on her journey and to get more information on her fundraising appeals, please visit -

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Be The Magic


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