volunteering - our commitment

Each volunteer who works as a part of our organisation is connected with a dedicated and fully trained Youth Mentor. Our IFightFor Mentors are on hand to provide support and guidance to volunteers, personal and social skill aquisition while also providing team working and managerial expertise.


Each volunteer has the option to engage in employability programs and initiatives such as the VInspired Awards and the Arts Award to name but two.


Every activity IFightFor and its volunteers engage with, is done with pride and passion to increase community engagement and a power in unification in changing our communities for the better for all that dwell within them.


BY collaborating with local organisations and initiatives within the community sector, IFightFor will successfully deliver powerful and target driven positive social impact awareness campaigns and fundraising opportunities with little to no risk to your organisation.


This is achieved by working closely and in line with your and our own organisation's aims and mission objectives.


IFightFor is a Community Interest Company with a mission of its own, to take lead on project delivery on behalf of organisations, to lighten the workload, time consumption and staff allocation that is often lacking within the organisations resources.


IFightFor will source, develop and empower youth volunteering, while at the same time providing volunteer recognition, will oversee project delivery, campaigning and fundraising event delivery as well as increasing your organisations local profiling and social media presence.

Work with us

Are you an organisation, charity or business wanting to increase your public profile? Do you want to run a community based activity, awareness raising or fundraising event? 


IFightFor is the Community Interest Company that has the commitment, knowledge and expertise to assist you in achieving this. 


All of this is done with a minimal financial implication to your organisation. We will take the lead letting you take a step back and enjoy being part of the IFightFor journey with us!


If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please contact us today by emailing info@ifightfor.co.uk

make a donation

IFightFor as a Community Interest Company relies solely on grants, donations and its fundraising initiatives.


Should you wish to leave a donation, a financial grant, sponsorship or contribution in any form then please click the donate button or complete the contact form below outlining your contribution. We are happy to discuss any contribution whether it be restricted or unrestricted.


Any form of donation and/or grant is greatly appreciated  and will contribute to the continuing work of IFightFor, creating positive social change for youth and the wider community

get involved

IFightFor is looking to bring the next generation of young, passionate and socially responsible game changers into action


IFightFor would not be what it is today, without the hard work and determination of its volunteer community. We, as an organisation, are always looking for new members wishing to enhance the lives of their fellow people.


Maybe you want to run your own social impact project or want to engage in one we already deliver. Either way, there are opportunities in a range of roles, from promoting, media, performing, fundraising or supportive positions.


While volunteering with IFightFor you can gain valuable skills to help your knowledge, experience, job prospects as well as gaining volunteering recognition and accreditation. 


When you volunteer with us you are 'partnered up' with an IFightFor Mentor. This staff member will be your 'go to' person that will support and advise you every step of the way on your journey with us so you always have someone to speak to and give you guidance.


If you are truly passionate, committed and willing to take the next step, you may be eligible to apply for a permanent role as an  Official IFightFor MentOR!

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