Chandy was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 3 years old, after experiencing difficulties with movement down his left side. His first operation was in October 1998. This surgery did not remove all of the tumour and he was left with a weakness down the left side of his body.


At the age of 5 Chandos decided he wanted to do a sponsored walk from our home in Bournemouth to Southampton hospital. He did it over a 2 day period but he did it. He didn't complain about the pain he was in and was simply happy to have raised some money for the children's ward.


In 2001 Chandos' residual tumour began to grow again and so he needed a second operation. This took place in October. Unfortunately Chandos ended up in intensive care with a bleed and swelling on the brain and 3 days later the surgery was re-attempted. This surgery went well but still some tumour remained.


Before this time in hospital Chandos had been working on a fund raising event and this took place shortly after his discharge from hospital. (His stitches were actually removed at the event).


About 7 months later Chandos was diagnosed with OCD and this has affected his day to day activities to a huge degree. When Chandos returned to school the bullying started. He found this extremely difficult and he remained as positive as any 6 year old can be and he tried to be friends with those who bullied him.


In Year 6 he was made House Captain but shortly after he was removed from mainstream school and taught at home as well as 15 hours a week with a specialised learning centre.


After a long process of re-integration into mainstream school Chandos attended Oakmead College of Technology where he found his feet and enjoyed his time there and became Head Boy for them.


In 2010 he went to Ethiopia with the CRED foundation where he worked in a school for children with varying disabilities. It was this trip that cemented Chandos' decision to be a social worker. He said that on this trip he had found his place and part of his heart would always be in Ethiopia.


In 2011, he had another surgery - a wrist fusion. This was done in the hope of helping with the mobility of his left hand and arm. It did help to a degree, but he still has mobility difficulties.


Chandos returned, for a second time with the CRED Foundation, to Ethiopia in 2013 where he worked with the Women at Risk Charity. He came home from this trip and held a music event, with the help of ITV Fixers, that he'd been working on with them for quite some time.


About a week after this event Chandos was hospitalised and in isolation with a severe infection he'd picked up in Ethiopia. This did not put him off and he intends to return to Ethiopia once he's completed his degree.


In 2013 Chandy started a Social Work Degree at Chichester University and in September will be going into his second year. At the end of his first year, he ran in the Students' Union elections for the role of Volunteers Officer and was successful by a landslide. To add to this, he has been interviewed by the University Accommodation and will be employed by them for the next academic year as a Residential Advisor. This is a live-in role similar to a warden and will be responsible for assisting accommodation in the support and well-being of students that reside within his allocated halls of residence.


On the10th July 2014 he has had his 3rd operation to address the tumour and cyst that had appeared. The operation appears to have been a success and he is recovering well. There is a microscopic residual tumour that has remained but the cyst has been completely removed.


Chandy has also just been accepted as an ambassador for the Brain Tumour Charity whose aim is to improve understanding, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours.


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